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  Good Morning

A chilly morning and the children warmed up with running whilst they played tag. Becoming aware of fairness they negotiated pause points around the playground. Hazel and Wynter took turns to hide poppets whilst the other one would find them.

We continued on with Mother’s Day craft and talked about what Mums love, we also decorated a yummy treat.

we talked about favourite foods and extended onto favourite vegetables. Broccoli, cucumber, potatoes, and corn were children’s choice. As we compost we shall look at growing, and eating some of these from our garden.

This afternoon children engaged in rhythm as Miss Cristal gave the tapping sticks out and children tapped along to different cultural songs, different sequences and speeds together.

the children painted pictures and coloured in with Mum in mind. Dinosaur play, construction with meals, stories and camouflage.

Role play of hairdressers enhanced an awareness of autonomy. The girls then set up a hairdressing shop in home corner with the dolls and Tia took appointments.

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