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This morning at group time we continued our video ’10 interesting facts about learning about insects and bugs’. After watching the video the children then had the opportunity to share what they had learnt about bugs and insects from the video. This was a great opportunity for the children to share their knowledge, revisit/repetition which is very important for children to help them process information and consolidate their learning. Hayley.” I see butterflies in the butterfly shop, Hamilton said “some fireflies glow in the dark”, Liam said about mantis, Jaxon said the Bees are making honey, Wynter said the bees make with the flower take it back it home quickly, Levii said “Caterpillars turn into butterflies” Greyson asked “why do spiders stick on web?”.

Every morning at group time we ask the children what activities they would like to do today so as to have activities out that they choose, we can then extend on these choices during the week. Today Liam and Jaxon said they would like to play with playdough with a snake, Harper said paper cutting, Wynter said she would like to play outside on the slide, Matthew told us he would like to paint some pac man dolls, Angelina wanted to draw mummy and daddy and Hamilton told us he would like to play with playdough and make a volcano out of it! Perhaps we will have to learn a little more about volcanos next week.Then to transition off the mat, Jaxon got to be the teacher and send his friends off to activities singing “bee bee bumble bee”. I wonder who will be the teacher tomorrow?

At the tables today the children had the opportunity to further explore and investigate the bug discovery table. Today, Hayley enjoyed writing on the clipboards”, she said “I’m drawing my letters, I’m so clever drawing my letters and these are my letters and I’m drawing my name and I need some string on it”, Liam said “I flipped this over because I couldn’t do it the other way and I’m making a cricket and bee and I’m making my name”

On another table we had activity where the children had to use the magnetic letters and rice where we they had to pick up the letters using a giant hand held magnet. Angelina told us “I’m playing with the letters and making my name, look I have a G, L, T, R.”  Hamilton was full of questions with this activity asked Miss Sarah “what do I do with rice? what is the rice for? and why do we need to catch the letters? and how do the letters stick on?”

Today we had a new friend get chosen to take our teddy ‘Hungry Jacks’ home for the weekend, we hope you have the best time with him Harper! We can’t wait to hear all about the adventures you take him on.