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Good afternoon to our Toddler One families and friends. What a busy and fun day we have had. We started our morning outdoors where the children demonstrated spatial awareness as they move around and through the outdoor playground confidently, showing enthusiasm for participating in physical play as they navigate the tunnel, ride the bikes and push the wheel barrows around. Harrison found the horses in the neighbouring paddock quite fascinating and pointed them out to Miss Lyn. Once inside we engaged in a variety of learning experiences which included – Collage with wool strips, talking about colours as we used our fine motor skills to manipulate our paint brushes dipped in glue around the paper before we carefully chose where we would like to place our coloured pieces of wool. We also enjoyed, the train track, role play in home area, using play to create real life roles as we cared for our babies, listening to our Yarn time story with Miss Thais and singing songs with Miss Jade and we also continued our self help skills of scraping our own dishes after meals. We look forward to enjoying Australia Day celebrations with you tomorrow evening at our “Bush Fire Fundraiser and Welcome BBQ” from 5 until 6pm in our Toddler Playground. Love from Miss Lyn, Miss Thais & Miss Jade .. xxx