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Good afternoon Toddler One families and friends … what an exciting day we have had! This morning we had the chance to participate in a free trial session of Little Big Sport, which the children enjoyed as they worked on their ball skills, tapping, touching and moving the ball around the playground to the goals. Other outdoor activities the children enjoyed today were, water play, where they splashed, measured, poured and scooped water before taking it to the sandpit and pouring it out, then making sandcastles. Also on offer was spray bottle painting, which led to a conversation about colours. Once indoors, the children choose to construct with the leggo, partake in finger painting, role play in home corner, build with the train track, read books and sing songs. We are also continuing on with our self help skills, as we pack away our drink bottles after each meal. We look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow … Love from Miss Leesa, Miss Lyn & Miss Thais. xxx