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Welcome to our fun day Monday, families and friends.

Today was such a beautiful day that we chose to spend the morning outdoors, so after acknowledgment to country and morning tea, we put on our hats and used our self helps skills to reapply sunscreen before venturing into the playground. Once outdoors Colton and Lachlan H. heard a bird singing in the trees over the sandpit and looked to see if they could find it. As they spotted it, it flew away. “Pretty” said Lachlan, so Miss Lyn asked if he would like to paint what he had seen. He eagerly answered “Yes.” This activity was then set up outdoors using different colour paints and string on pegs. Soon most of our friends decided they would like to paint too. Other activities engaged in were, water play in the sandpit, where Harry, Dominic and Lachlan used buckets to transport water to the round tub to mix with sand to make cakes with.  Luca and Colton asked their friends to join them, as they drove cars around the transport mats. Willow found the bead frame very engaging as she showed her friend Dominic how she moved the coloured beads back and forth and around the frame. Banjo smiled and happily showed Miss Lyn how fast he could make the seesaw rock. For our Yarn time story today we chose “Dear Zoo” which we all listened to as Miss Thais read it to us as we sat  on the verandah in  the shade …. We also enjoyed singing some of our nursery rhymes and we very proudly sang the song “My Daddy Ate An Apple” without playing the accompanying cd. We continue to practise our self  help and good hygiene skills as we wash our hands before meals and pack away our water bottles after we have finished drinking from them. We look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow.

Love from Miss Lyn & Miss Thais. xxxx