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Hi all and welcome to Fabulous Friday in Toddlers One. We all had a wonderful play in the great outdoors as we waited for Miss Jeni. She joined us for funky feet dancing today. Inside we all happily showed off our dancing abilities as we played the maracas, cheered, played hop scotch and musical statues.

We welcomed our new friend Aleksandar to the Toddler room today. We hope you have had fun on your first day and made lots of new friends! We continued on with transport play today as the children were given the opportunity to engage in sensory play with the green playdough and utilise the toy cars to create tracks in the dough with the wheels. Miss Steph spread the playdough out flat on the table with the rolling pin so the children could create patterns with the cars.  The children observed that the dough was sticking to the wheels of the cars as they pushed them across the playdough.

Yarn time today the children chose some of their favourite transport songs and rhymes, including Wheels on the Bus, Five Little Rockets and Down by the Station. What a fun week we have had engaging in transport play, particularly sharing books about big machines and playing with the diggers in the sandpit and racing them down the hill. The children also created some amazing trucks using the lego and construction sets!

Well Done Friends!!!

Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Steph