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Happy Friday families and friends!

Today in the Toddler room the children continued on with their interest of role-play experiences. Millie, Harry, Harvey, Colton and Harper all gathered at the home corner table as Miss Leesa collected a variety of fruits and vegetables for the children to make a picnic. The children helped identify the foods as they carefully placed them on the plates and in the serving bowls for their friends to join them. Miss Lyn then observed Harper utilising the banana as a pretend phone so she collected the recycled phones from the cupboard for the children to continue on with their role-play and pretend to have conversations. Millie, Vaughn and Alek soon joined in as they all collected a phone to have a little conversation too.

William, Ivy, Harry, Alek and Colton then all transitioned to transport play, building tracks for the magnetic trains and setting up the roads for the trucks and diggers. Some friends then joined Miss Jen for Funky Feet Dance to play musical statues and dance about with the shakers and pom poms, while some friends were content to continue on with transport play.

Miss Lyn then prepared an art experience where the children created patterns using the cookie cutters to create star shapes all over their page. The children noticed that the stars were all different sizes as they stamped and printed all over their paper. The children sang ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, as they painted.

Other play experiences today included observing the ongoing transformation of the  playground through the windows, expressing our creativity via crayon drawing and sharing some of our favourite songs and rhymes for yarn time with Miss Leesa’s puppets and felts.

Until next time..

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Lyn