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Happy Friday families and friends!!!

Today in the Toddler room the children had a wonderful time exploring the room and engaging in a variety of fun experiences. We started the morning off with Funky Feet Dance with Miss Jen. The children practised their stretching skills, played musical statues, jumped on the hopscotch and danced about with the colourful pom poms.

The children then gathered on the mat with Miss Leesa for yarn time as we sang songs and rhymes with actions. Our favourite songs today were Little Mousey Brown and Wheels on the Bus. Miss Lyn prepared an art experience where the children utilised  the glue to collage pretty feathers onto little owls as an extension on our discussion about the owl they saw at the reptile show last night, at the Halloween festivities. The children then decided to use the feathers to decorate the blue playdough.

Other play experiences today included construction play with the lego set, playing a matching game with the picture cards and sharing a story from Miss Leesa’s ‘special books’ – ‘There’s a Hippo on our Roof eating Cake”.

Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Lyn