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Good afternoon Toddler One families and friends. What a fun day it has been. This morning in our playground we practised our gross motor skills as we pushed our wheel barrows around the bike track with our friends. We also showed our great climbing skills as we navigated the outdoor climbing equipment. The abacus was of particular interest, as we moved the beads from side to side, naming the colours as we did so. Then it was on to bubble blowing, which we all really enjoy, from chasing them to tyring to blow our own. Once indoors we finished off our Australia Day Theme by sitting on the mat at group time and having a chat about Australian animals, after which we used our creativity to make footprint paintings  using some of the Australian animals in our room. Other experiences we have enjoyed today include – quietly looking at books in our book area, dress ups in home area, singing our transitions songs, constructing jigsaw puzzles and continuing to practise our self helps skills, as we scrape our plates in to the bin and wash our hands after we have eaten. We hope you all enjoy your Australia Day Long Weekend and look forward to seeing you all again on Tuesday for another fun week of learning and play based experiences. Love from Miss Lyn & Miss Thais xx