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Happy Friday Toddler One family and friends. We have enjoyed a fun day of child led activities, which started this morning when Harvey asked if we could do more gluing today. So Miss Lyn got out the little doyleys, glue and the collage pieces. Straight away Harvey started placing glue on the doyley and chatting about the collage bits he was sticking onto it. Our other  friends soon joined him at the table and there was lots of chatting and smiles exchanged as they all created snowflake masterpieces. We also worked  on some more of our Christmas gifts. Other things we enjoyed today were, making a huge train track with Miss Gabi, building with the lego blocks, dance with Miss Jenni, yarn time with Miss Leesa where we listened to the book “Way Down Deep In The Deep Blue Sea” and talked about the treasure we could find and our farm animal match game, where we had to match the animal on the card with sound we were listening to. The children were also very interested in watching all the construction work in our new yard. Its looking like its going to be so much fun and we so excited for when we can play out there. Have a lovely weekend and we will see you all next week Love from Miss Leesa & Miss Lyn.