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Happy Friday toddler one family and friends. Today we have had so much fun! Colton and Romney shared lots of giggles and smiles as they chased the bubbles around the playground. They also navigated the obstacle coarse together before loading the dump trucks with woodchip and pushing them around the mud kitchen area. Other outdoor activities included, sandpit play, using our gross motor skills as we took turns riding the bikes and we also enjoyed some running races. Once indoors for the morning we engaged in some collage using coloured glue and woodchips, which extended on the woodchip play outdoors. we also did some painting with sand, where the children were curious to feel the texture of the sand. our other indoor activities were – block construction, car mat play, and the train set. continuing our self help skills, we focused on clearing our dishes away after eating. We hope you have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday. Love from Miss Leesa, Miss Lyn  & Miss Thais. xxx