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Good afternoon Toddler One families and friends. This morning the children extended on our farm animal theme by having the opportunity to place animal stickers onto barns, as their barnyard pets. Latika chose dogs, cats and a bird, Dallas chose a dog, Harry chose dogs and a snake, Vaughn chose cats and a fish, Harrison chose dogs, Alek chose dogs, a horse, cats and a bird. We also enjoyed Funky Feet Dance with Miss Jen where Colton and Romney enjoyed dancing to the freeze song. Other activities today included Yarn time where we listened to Miss Lyn read “This little piggie went to market” singing our songs and nursery rhymes, practising our transition song and we were also able to go outside for a short play in the sandpit before it started raining again. We hope you have a lovely weekend. See you all on Monday, love from Miss Lyn, Miss Thais and Miss Jelena.