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Hello families and friends. Welcome to Monday in Toddler One room, where this morning we welcomed two new friends, Madelyn and Banjo whom Ivy took under her wing. She showed them both around the room and then sat in book area with them, enjoying sharing books and chatting. Today is Remembrance Day which  we supported by the children making their own poppies to display, using patty cases, red paint and leaves.

Madelyn chose to watch this art activity. Then at 11am we all sat on the mat while listening to The Last Post and observed a minutes silence to pay our respect to all the men, women and animals who gave their lives in the line of duty. “Lest We Forget”

Other activities that the children enjoyed today were – home area dress ups, the magnetic connector blocks, the train tracks, self identity exploration with the mirrors, songs and nursery rhymes,and Miss Steph also read our storybook Brown Bear Brown Bear to us as it is one of our favourite stories at the moment. Yoga with Miss Gabby was lots of fun, with both Madelyn and Banjo joining in. They particularly enjoyed bursting the bubbles Miss Gabby was blowing with her bubble wand.

Also today is our friend Harvey’s Birthday, so we all sang Happy Birthday to him. At afternoon tea time we will be having birthday cake, which he kindly brought in the share with his friends. Photos to come later.

Until next time love from Miss Lyn and Miss Steph