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Hello and welcome to our spectacular Monday in the Toddler 1 room! 😊
What a great day we have had! This morning Miss Leesa, and stepping in while Miss Jess is away on holidays, is Miss Jess from the Babies room 1. Today welcomed our friends Harry, Harvey, Rosie,, Ivy and Colton 😊

After the morning fun outside exploring the great outdoors and bonding with our friends as well as our teachers it was time to head inside and get ready for morning tea. 😊 Before our friends sat at the table for some scrumptious food, we all joined Miss Leesa and Miss Jess on the mat to sing our acknowledgment of our land song. β€œHere is the land, here is the sky, here are my friends and here am I. We stand hand in hand, to respect and acknowledge the traditional owners of this land.”

We did many exciting things this morning such as; Dress ups and free dancing! All friends rather enjoyed this exploring their amazing imaginations! Harry especially loved the Disney music 😊 Art time! Rosie, Harvey, Ivy and Harry got in touch with their creativity side as they painted with toothbrushes! Painting is an effective way to build stronger fine motor skills holding the toothbrush as well as sensory play with the cold wet feeling of the paints. Colton particularly liked playing with the Lego and train tracks today! All friends participated in problem solving with the puzzle on the mat with Miss Leesa as they had to match the correct pieces together to form the animal!

Then bam it was almost time for lunch! How time goes too fast when you’re having a ball!! Before we got ready for that our friends explored more of their wonderful imaginations as they had so much fun with puppet play! Puppet play is another great activity to stimulate their imaginations it also good for their language development too! All friends LOVED this!! For the afternoon our friends spent most of their time outside playing with their peers and having so much joy, sharing laughs and smiles with one another. 😊

Thankyou Toddlers 1 for today, see you all soon
Miss Leesa and Miss Jess xx