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Hello families and friends and welcome to another fabulous week of learning and play in the Toddler One room.

This week we will be giving the children the opportunity to engage in both indoor and outdoor play experiences due to the beautiful weather and the children’s interest with exploring the outdoors and engaging in physical play. This morning we enjoyed morning tea and Yarn Time where we shared some of our new favourite books including ‘Dear Zoo”, ‘Where’s the green Sheep?’ and ‘Koala’s Big Day Out’. The stories encourage the children to predict the storylines and share their thoughts and ideas as we read together.

The Toddler children then applied their own sunscreen with some help from Miss Thais and excitedly ventured back outdoors. Miss Leesa helped the children fill the red wheelbarrows with water from the hose and the children carefully pushed the wheelbarrows back to the sandpit to share the water with their peers. Some friends utilised the water to make sandcastles, while some friends practised their measuring and pouring skills using the cups, shovels and buckets.

Miss Leesa then encouraged the children to have races on the three-wheeler bikes as they chased each other around the bike track. The children also took turns on the swing and took turns pushing each other. Miss Hayley  then joined us for kids yoga which we enjoyed on the verandah today. The children practised breathing exercises, stretching and playing sleeping bunnies.

Wow! What a super fun day at kindy today…

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Thais.