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Happy Monday families and friends!

Today in the Toddler room the children were given the opportunity to engage in sensory play experiences. Miss Lyn prepared a finger painting art experience for the children as they all gathered around the table patiently waiting their turn. Colton, Millie, Harry and Rosie all noticed that the paint was cold on their fingers as they mixed the colours together to create patterns and new colours. The children then transitioned into sensory play with the water beads. Ivy, Harvey, Madelyn and Banjo all observed that the water beads were slippery and cold as they manipulated them in their hands. The children also helped identify the colours of the beads as they counted them and placed them on the home corner plates. What fun experiences for the children as they utilised  their sense of touch to engage and learn from these sensory play opportunities.

Other play experiences today included building with the transport set, role play with the doll house, identifying and negotiating roles role during home corner play  and pretending to shop for fruits and vegetables with the baskets.

Harvey and Ivy were given the opportunity today to enjoy a short transition play in Senior kindy with Miss TJ and some of their old class mates from earlier in the year, as they prepare for the Pre Kindy room next year. The children had a wonderful time exploring the indoor and outdoor play spaces and catching up with friends! Well Done Harvey and Ivy!!!

Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Lyn…