Hi families! Hope you’ve had a great weekend and a wonderful start to your week.

Today we started off our morning eager to go outside. We watched at the door while Mr Pete finished off cleaning our yard making it nice and clean for us to play. We watched him from the window as he blew the bike track and picked up lots of loose leaves. As soon as we could go out we ran straight to the water play. That’s our favourite thing, especially now the weather is warming up a lot.

We got a little confused last week with our dates. but this week is definitely book week! and we started it off with a bang! We had our lovely friend Harrison come in today in his dragon costume, he enjoyed showing all his friends his costume and pretending to be a dragon and roaring! he also brought in his special dragon book for us to read to the rest of the class. So for our group time this morning we read this special book “This Hungry Dragon” as well as “Dear Zoo” that Miss Simona brought in!

We followed on from our stories today with the children doing their very best drawings of dragons. The children’s favourite thing to do at the moment is to pretend to be monkeys! They will sit at the table and go “oo oo aa aa” as they eat their bananas, so today we set up a zoo area for the children to enjoy with horses, lions, gorillas. They loved this area and couldn’t leave it! We also had a table set up for playdough, which they love using their fingers to manipulate into shapes and using the tools to make their creations. Extending on Harrison’s interest in being a dragon & his dragon book, we painted our very own dragons using bubble wrap to recreate a dragons scales. They absolutely love painting and this was a fun fine motor and sensory way to paint. We also had self select on the mat, today they chose blocks and the train tracks!

We also had yoga with Miss Hailey today! They absolutely love yoga and enjoy moving their bodies in the different ways to the music. We were shown a new song to do yoga to today and the children were moving their bodies, holding up their feet, doing downward dog and got really into it! There are some great benefits of yoga for children such as: self regulation, self expression, movement and understanding their bodies and how they move and even just for a little relaxing/quiet time.

We hope you had a fantastic day.
Lots of love, Miss Danna, Miss Simona and Miss Jade xxx