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Happy Monday families and friends!!!

What a wonderfully busy day of fun and play in the Toddler Room today!

This morning the children explored the great outdoors, playing with the diggers in the sandpit and utilising the long cardboard rolls as walking sticks and didgeridoos. The children also played hide and seek in the cubby house.

Indoors the children were excited to explore the play spaces while Miss Lyn prepared an art experience for the children. Ivy, Harvey, Rosie and Harry patiently waited for their turn with the fluro coloured painting pens. The children helped identify the pretty colours and Ivy decided to fold her painting to create a butterfly. Harry and Harvey followed Ivy’s lead to create their own butterfly prints too. Miss Lyn then displayed the butterfly paintings on the wall for all to see. The children were very proud of the pictures.

Miss Gabby then joined us for Yoga. The Toddler One friends joined the Toddler Two children in their new room for yoga today. The children happily sang, posed and danced along with Miss Gabby and enjoyed tickles from the feathers at the end of the session.

Colten enjoyed transport play with Miss Lyn as they worked together to build a train track. Ivy then joined in and built another circle track for the magnetic trains.

Other play experiences today included role play with the doll house, building with the new lego set and sharing a story book about a cheeky monkey learning to takes turns and share with his friends…

Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Lyn…