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Hi there families! Happy Monday ­čÖé

Today we began our day inside reading stories, playing with blocks and drawing/colouring in dinosaurs. The children saw our new dinosaur footprints today and were so excited!┬áHarry, Banjo and┬áLuca were all pretending to be dinosaurs, stomping around and yelling “ROAR!”

When we went outside, the children were loving the swing, so spent most of their Monday morning slowly waking up with a long swing,┬áColton asking to be pushed “high as the sky”. Luca saying “truck and digger!” as he was pushing his truck all along the bridge and in the sandpit. Harrison, Chanel and Poppy were loving the bikes today, zooming from one end to the other end of the yard. When it was time to come inside, we sang our transition song and headed to the bathroom to wash our hands, singing our hand washing song as we went. A few of our friends have started singing along to this song too!

We came inside and sat down on the mat ready for a story and our days of the week song. Today we read Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy, the children loved this book and kept pointing to the different friends of Hairy Maclary and saying “puppy!” or “cat!”. Once we were finished with our song and story, we did a name recognition game to go over to the table for morning tea, which was fruit salad, yoghurt and muesli today!

After morning tea, we decided to open the doors and do some indoor/outdoor time and let the children decide what they wanted to do. We had a few activities on offer for them today, continuing on with our dinosaur paintings and our dinosaur leaf collages, as well as a letter recognition game using loose parts and our natural resources, and of course self select of the indoor/outdoor toys. Since it’s such a lovely day today, we decided to have a picnic outside with our lunch! The children gobbled up their sausage rolls and salad and were all full ready for bed.

Hoping you had a great day,

Lots of love, Miss Danna and Miss Steph xxx