Good afternoon to our Toddler One Families and friends, Today the children have enjoyed engaging in outdoor experiences such as bringing water in buckets to the sandpit and then making sand pies with the wet sand. Other friends found enjoyment in loading the dump trucks with sand and having races around the sandpit. We also practised our gross motor skills as we navigated the bike track on the three wheeler bikes. Gucci, the horse was of interest to some, as he came down his paddock to nibble on the green grass near his fence line. Upon transitioning indoors for morning tea, we said our acknowledgment to country and sang our good morning songs. Other activities chosen today were the fire and police department construction kits. Leggo construction and the children had the opportunity to participate in a roller ball art experience, where they place a ball dipped in paint into a tray that had paper lining it. As they rolled the tray back and forth, they watched excitedly as the movement of the ball created patterns across their piece of paper. “Oh Wow” & “Look” said Harry as he showed his work to his friend Lachlan. “Cool” said Banjo smiling at Miss Lyn. Then it was time to wash our hands for lunch, Harrison enjoyed scrubbing his hands and creating lots of bubbles before rinsing them very thoroughly and dying them with paper towel. We look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow for another fun day of play and learning.

Love from Miss Leesa & Miss Lyn. xx