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Good afternoon Toddler One families and friends. This week we are extending on the children’s interest in animals by having a Jungle animal theme. We started this today, by talking about the animals we will be creating this week and asking the children what jungle animals they like. It was a mixture of tigers, lions, frogs, elephants and monkeys, so they then had the opportunity to engage in an art experience to create their interpretation of a tiger, using orange and black paint, Madelyn and Dallas enjoyed this activity while chatting to each other, Our other jungle themed activities today included, the story books “Down In The Jungle” and “Follow That Tiger”, role play with the jungle animals and singing songs about animals.

Harry, Banjo and Ryan enjoyed some stories with Miss Leesa. Bella, Bjorn and Tobias engaged in a fine motor activity, placing pegs onto small buckets. Colton enjoyed the yoga with Miss Hayley. We also continue our self help skills by packing away our resources after play. we look forward to seeing  where our jungle adventure will take us tomorrow .. until then Love from Miss Leesa, Miss Lyn & Miss Thais. xxx