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Happy Monday families and friends!

This morning in the Toddler playground the children were very excited to observe the big digger manoeuvring all the dirt and fence posts from the bottom play area. What a wonderful experience for the children as they pointed and said ‘look’ and ‘wow’. Kyro, Harry and Colton then made their way to the sandpit to play with the toy diggers in the sandpit.

Indoors today we started our Halloween celebrations! The children carefully watched on as Miss Lyn decorated the classroom windows with cobwebs and  pretend spiders. Ivy stood back and observed from a distance pointing to the little spiders. The children then waited patiently for their turn with Miss Lyn to paint their hand to make a handprint ghost for display alongside the cobwebs. Rosie noitced the paint was a litle bit cold on her hand as Miss Lyn painted her fingers.

Today we also celebrated our friend Harry’s 2nd Birthday. The children all sang and shouted  ‘hip hip, hooray’ during our yarn time on the mat. Other play experinces today included construction building with the lego, sharing books in our cosy book area and role play with the animal figurines.

Until next time …

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Lyn