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Hey families! Happy Monday, what a lovely day to start a brand new week 🙂

We had a great day today, beginning our day as usual with a big play outside with Toddler 2. This morning we enjoyed playing on the obstacle course, the water play – turning the tap around and making the creek into a running river, where they splashed and filled up their buckets for the sandpit.

At group time today, we said our acknowledgement to country, sung our hello good morning song, and we showed the children a new book that we got! This book was called “10 little dinosaurs”, they absolutely loved this book as it follows their continuous interest in dinosaurs. They roared and stomped along with the book as it went and had a big giggle throughout.

After group time we had a really yummy morning tea of bananas and yoghurt and then transitioned into our activities for the day. Miss Gabi and Miss Steph went shopping on the weekend and since the children LOVE the magnets, decided to buy some more so that they could build even bigger houses! So while some of our friends played with the magnets, in home corner and with the cars, the others went outside and did pouring, with coloured water in the matching jug. They loved mixing the colours and seeing what they could make, some even calling it colourful soup! We switched mid way so that everyone had a turn if they would like. Before lunch we went for a run in the big yard, with the fun slides, bikes and different obstacle courses.

Mr Nick surprised us before sleep time with a lizard that decided it wanted to come in and join us in the centre, the children said hello to the lizard, making sure to use their gentle hands with it. After saying hello, we said goodnight to Mr Lizard, making sure to wash hands with soap and off to rest!

Here are some pictures of our fun day! We hope you have had a great day like us.

Lots of love, Miss Steph, Miss Danna and Miss Gabi xxx