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Good afternoon Toddler One Families and Friends. After our acknowledgment to country and our welcome songs this morning, we transitioned to hand washing and morning tea, using a new transition song ” 5 Little Dragonfly’s” (using Felts) … the children name the colour of the dragonfly. We then progressed to activity time where we engaged in the sensory experience of Kinetic sand play, Bjorn, Harrison, Harry, Madelyn and Colton were intrigued by the texture of the sand as they squashed it and patted it into shapes, then watched it crumble. “Oh, broken” said Harry!  Dallas loves the new abacus and sat happily on the mat, moving the coloured beads from side to side. Lachlan engaged in train track construction with Miss Otavia, chatting about the trains with Harrison who joined him on the mat. All the children enjoyed their morning yoga class with Miss Hayley and Ryan in particular enjoys the breathing ball exercise – taking a deep breath in as he expands the ball and slowly breathing out as he deflates the ball. Other activities we engaged in were Yarn time – Miss Thais read “My Daddy Ate An Apple” & book about leaning our ABC’s – The children were also offered the opportunity to paint using neon paint pens and bubble wrap. We continue our self help skills as we wash our own hands and clean our own faces after mealtimes. We look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow … Love from Miss Lyn, Miss Thais and Miss Otavia xxx