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Happy Thursday Everyone…

The Toddler friends kept super busy with a variety of fun play experiences today. This morning we all observed the rain tumbling down in the playground as the children noticed the ‘big drips’ falling from the verandah. The children sang along to ‘It’s raining, it’s pouring’ as we all clapped and enjoyed the cool weather. After morning tea the children transitioned to both free-choice play and planned experiences.  Colton.Y, Harry and Tobias chose the transport set for play on the mat. Miss Leesa helped the Toddlers set up the transport set as the children gathered all the vehicles to engage in role-play.

Miss Lyn prepared an art experience for the children at the table. Latika, Ivy, Vaughn, Harper and Colton L. happily joined Miss Lyn to express their creativity with the pretty pink paint and cotton buds for painting. The children displayed very good fine-motor and concentration skills as they carefully spread paint all over their page. Miss Danica spent some quiet time on the mat sharing story books chosen by Banjo. The children enjoyed the ‘Old McDonald’ story as more Toddler friends joined in to identify all the different animals living on the farm. We decided to extend on this interest by all the children gathering on the mat for ‘Farm Animal Bingo’.  The  children listened carefully to the noises on the farm and called out when they recognised a sound. The favourite animal sound today seemed to be the ‘donkey’.

The Toddlers also gathered at the table to engage in sensory playdough play. Alek and Dallas had a wonderful time rolling the dough back and forth to make ‘sausages’. The children utilised the rolling pins and dough cutters to manipulate the playdough.

Other play experiences today included pencil drawing, construction play with the lego, role play with the baby dolls and bottles and ARAKAN Martial Arts with Mr. Daniel.

Until next time… Stay safe and dry…

Love Miss Leesa, Miss Lyn, Miss Jade and Miss Danica