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Good morning and happy Thursday!

Today we started off our day doing some fun outside play with our Toddler 2 friends. We love racing our bikes around the bike track pretending to be monster trucks. The children have really had a big interest in trucks and cars recently. Miss Jade played follow the leader towards the bark area where the obstacle course is set up. She then taught the children how to play with one and other rolling balls across the beams as two people sat on either side. The children loved this game so much, and they worked on learning to be patient waiting for the ball to return to them, as well as their motor skills by thoughtfully rolling the ball for it not to fall off before reaching the other person.

After this, Miss Simona and Miss Steph took some of the children inside in turns to do a flavourful painting activity. The children used different spices and food powders mixed with water such as turmeric and cocoa as their paints. They loved getting their hands dirty with this activity, as well as the different fun smells of the ingredients.

Colten, Delila, Harry, Finley and Luca then wanted to go to the side playground with the double slides, so Miss Jade took them down there while the others continued playing in the main playground. The did running races and practiced their throwing skills, throwing balls down to Miss Jade and she would throw them back for them to catch at the top of the slides.

It was then lunch time and the children came inside, washed their hands and sat down for a group time whilst Miss Simona dished up our yummy fried rice for lunch.

Have a great afternoon,

Miss Jade, Miss Steph and Miss Simona x