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Hello Toddler One families and friends!

This morning after our ‘Acknowledgment to Country’ and morning songs we shared a yummy morning tea and ventured outdoors. Today the children kept busy climbing through the obstacle course, taking turns on the slide and pushing each other on the swing. Some friends collected balls and buckets in their wheelbarrows and pushed them through the garden and around the bike track while some friends played follow-the-leader on the bridge.

The children then transitioned indoors as we continued on with learning all about different types of ‘jungle animals’. Today the children were given the opportunity to make lions using collage materials and create crocodiles with their footprints. Miss Lyn engaged in conversation with the children as they discussed their favourite jungle animal, most friends choosing a monkey and a tiger. Miss Thais shared ‘My Daddy ate an Apple’ book again due to the children’s ongoing interest with the story. The children think its very funny that the red apple that the daddy eats, has a green worm inside, Miss Lyn then collected the rainbow ribbons and the Toddler friends enjoyed dancing and making patterns with the ribbons as they moved to the music.

Other play experiences today included ARAKAN Martial Arts with Mr Daniel, sensory playdough play using the rollers and shape cutters and singing along to Little Crocodile and 5 Cheeky Monkeys with the puppets with Miss Leesa.

Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa, Miss Lyn and Miss Thais