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Welcome families and friends to another fun-filled day of learning and play in the Toddler room today. This morning the children requested crayon drawing so Miss Lyn collected the resources and the children gathered at the table to choose their favourite colour to create pictures. Drawing has become of the children’s favourite experiences during indoor play. We also continued on with Christmas art as the children used the cotton buds and water colours to decorate Christmas baubles.

Miss Steph collected the playdough and utensils and the children excitedly joined her to manipulate the dough and spread the playdough across the table to then create patterns. The children engaged in conversation with Miss Steph about what they were creating and observing as they played. The children transitioned back and forth from Miss Lyn and Miss Steph as they happily took turns with the table experiences

Yarn time today we shared a very funny story entitled ‘My Daddy ate an Apple”.. The children listened carefully as we played the story on CD and danced to the music. The children really enjoyed the repetitive storyline as they were able to join in and tell the story too.

Other play experiences today included ARAKAN with Mr. Daniel, building tracks for the trains and towers with the legos. Role play in home corner, playing with the baby dolls, cooking in the kitchen and dress-ups and practising yoga poses with Miss Gabi and Miss Steph.

Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa, Miss Lyn, Miss Steph and Miss Gabi