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Happy Thursday families and friends…

Today the Toddler friends had a wonderful time exploring the playground, riding the bikes, taking turns on the slides and venturing through the netting. The children also engaged in sensory sand play as they made castles and dug big holes.

Indoors the children were excited to express their creativity engaging in cotton bud painting as they created patterns and made pretty rainbows. The children also worked in pairs to complete the animal puzzles and role play with the baby dolls. Mr Daniel then joined us for ARAKAN as the children joined in and followed directions to practise their martial arts skills. Miss Thais then gathered the children for games, singing and dancing as the Toddlers  played  ‘ring-a-rosie’ and ‘follow-the-leader’.

What a super fun day of fun and play at kindy today!

Until next time….

Love Miss Leesa, Miss Lyn and Miss Thais