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Welcome to Thursday in Toddler One Room. Continuing on with our under the sea theme, the children used blue paint and brushes to make our ocean background to go with the colourful sea creatures they have been creating this week. Some also chose to paint dolphins and whales. While engaging in these activities the children chatted with Miss Lyn about where they were placing their brushes and the patterns that were being made on the  paper.

Other activities on offer today were, leggo –  which the children ask for daily, the sea creature jig saw puzzles, Miss Thais played a game of “What’s Hiding Under The Basket” – where the children had to guess what was under the basket. For Yarn time today, Miss Lyn read the story book “Jolly Olly Octopus” about a friendly octopus who made everybody happy. We also continue self help skills, transition songs, nursery rhymes and acknowledgment to country. We hope you have enjoyed your day, and look forward to seeing you again tomorrow.

Love from  Miss Leesa, Miss Lyn & Miss Thais xxx