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Hello families and friends…

This week in the Toddler room we will be focusing on role-play experiences. Today the children were given the opportunity to engage in role play with the baby dolls as they carefully cleaned the dolls with baby wipes, making sure their hands and faces were nice and tidy and then placed cloth nappies on the babies. The children then engaged in pretend play with their peers as they identified and negotiated roles to wrap the baby dolls in blankets and pretend to be mummies and daddies. This experience then transitioned into home corner where the children played make believe, pretending to prepare meals for the baby dolls and their freinds. Tomorrow we will further extend on this experince by giving the baby dolls a bubble bath in the tubs.

Yarn time today we shared a story about a baby entitled ‘My New Baby’. The children helped identify all the things a new baby likes to do such as drink a bottle, sleep, have a nappy change, cuddles and sometimes cry. The children had a wonderful time engaging conversations about babies as they shared their thoughs, ideas and opinions with their friends.

Other play experiences today included the children collecting their bags and gathering chairs to make a pretend bus to take a ride on. Observing the bobcat in the playground digging up all the ground to prepare for our new playground renovation. Painting experience using the thick brushes to paint pictures of the diggers in the playground and singing along to some of our favourite felt stories and puppets songs and rhymes.

This morning the children also met Harvey’s new puppy ‘Sizzle’ who paid us a visit at kindy.

Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa, Miss Lyn and Miss Tania