Hello families and friends and welcome to ‘Terrific Tuesday’ in the Toddler room.

This morning the children had such a wonderful time exploring the playground and discovering that the new sinks now have water. The children were excited to measure and pour using the cups and bowls and observe the water run down the river rocks. Soon we were all just a little bit wet and having so much fun!

Indoors we continued on with our transport theme as the children gathered at the table to engage in sensory playdough play. Today we collected the cars and trucks to utilise during playdough time as the children pushed the cars back and forth over the dough to make tracks and patterns. Yarn time today we shared more fun transport books including ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ and ‘The Fire Engine Book’. The children have really been enjoying story time this week as they share their thoughts and ideas while observing the pictures and pointing out their favourite transport vehicles.

Other play experiences today included puzzle play, playing in small groups in home corner with the baby dolls, sharing story books on the big chair and sleeping bunnies.

Until next time..

Love Miss Leesa, Miss Thais and Miss Jordan