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Happy Tuesday families and friends…

Today in the Toddler room the children  enjoyed indoor/outdoor play opportunities. In the great outdoors the children played in pairs and enjoyed moments of solitude as they pedalled the 3 wheeler bikes, pushed the big red wheelbarrows about collecting the river rocks and engaged in digger play in the sandpit. The children also demonstrated their team work skills, which we have been practising lately, to build tall towers with the large duplo blocks.

Indoors the children engaged in a variety of fun learning experiences. The children expressed their creativity with the colourful chalk paints and coloured pencils. Drawing has become one of our favourite experiences as the children display confidence in their fine motor skills and hand preference when using the drawing materials.

Bella requested the playdough for table time. So Miss Lyn gathered the rollers and paddle pop sticks and the children set about rolling and manipulating the dough to make sausages, snakes and pretend birthday cakes, using the paddle pop sticks as candles.

Other play experiences today included construction play with the lego, doll house play, dancing with friends on the mat and baby doll play. Yarn time  the children gathered on the mat for songs, rhymes and puppets. Today our favourite rhymes were 5 Cheeky Monkeys, Mr Frog, Little Turtle and Galomp.

Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa, Miss Lyn and Miss Danica.