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Hello families and friends and welcome to another fabulous day of fun and play in the Toddler room.

This week we are going to be learning all about different types of farm animals due to the children’s ongoing interest with observing the horses in the back paddock. Harrison and Dallas love to identify each day whether the horses are eating, running, wearing their coats or resting in the stable. Today the children observed that the horse were happily eating the green grass in the paddock. Miss Lyn suggested the horses were eating their breakfast. While playing outdoors some of our friends helped  water the garden to give our plants a big drink so they can grow tall and strong. Harper, Banjo, Ivy and Colton all took turns with the watering cans to water the garden.

Indoors the children were given the opportunity to paint their interpretation of a horse using a variety of shades of brown paint and the horse figurines as inspiration. During this activity, the children continued their conversation with Miss Lyn about what the horses like to eat and she explained that the owners give the horses some nice fresh hay to eat each day and also told them that the light coloured horse is called “Gucci”, and that he has lived in the paddock for many years. Then as an extension from the painting, we brought the playdough to the table, where Ryan, Tobias, Harrison, Banjo and Lachlan took turns using the figurines to stamp their hoofprints into the playdough.

Other activities enjoyed today were – the Lego blocks, reading our books, singing songs at group time and also using the playdough with the paddle pop sticks, cutters and rollers. We look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow for another fun day of learning. Love from Miss Leesa, Miss Lyn & Miss Thais. xxx