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Happy Wednesday Toddler One families and friends.

This morning we took advantage of the sunshine. The children were excited to ride the new bikes, navigating their way around the bike track and sharing the bikes with their friends. Sandpit play was also popular, with the children filling the wheel barrows and moving the sand from one spot to another. The children also engaged in bubble  play, chasing and trying catch the bubbles as they floated around the playground – lots of giggles could be heard. Once indoors we sat on the group time mat for our acknowledgment to country and our morning songs. Our Yarn time stories today were “Hooray For Fish & “Where’s The Giraffe”. Our indoor activities included – construction play with the police and fire department construction sets – magnetic connector play –  a painting experience using silicone basting brushes as our paint brushes, the children enjoyed this experience as they dabbed and swirled the brushes around the paper creating free form patterns. “Look look” said Colton as he showed us his painting. – We continue with our self help skills of scraping out plates into the bin after our meals. Kyro and Harper also practised their soccer skills during  Little Big Sports with Miss Zoey. See you all tomorrow.

Love from Miss Leesa, Miss Lyn & Miss Olivia xxx