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Hi families! hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday.

Today we began our day outside just like usual, playing with the bikes, sandpit and on the climbing frames.

We even went out into the special climbing frame yard, with all the different kinds of bridges, climbing obstacle courses and blocks. The children really loved this change of scenery and all we could hear was giggles! We decided to have a nice picnic in the special yard in the shade, where we had our yummy toast and fruit selection.

After this, we went back to our room for group time, reading “the playground snake” and the “spot the vehicle” books. The children absolutely love doing yoga with Miss Hayley on Monday’s so this week we have been continuing on, yesterday was meditation and today we followed a cosmic kids yoga video, practicing our breathing, yoga moves and some calming dances. Then we played with blocks, many of the children making “airplanes!” with the legos and pretending to fly them around the room.

Then we went out for a run around and a play outside again to quickly get our wriggles out before lunch and rest time.

We hope you had a great day just like us.

Lots of love, Miss Steph, Miss Gabi and Miss Danna xxx