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Hi families! Hope you have had a fantastic Wednesday! Yay half way through the week!

A massive happy birthday to our friend Isabelle today! Happy 2nd birthday Isabelle, we are so lucky to have you be a part of our toddler one room and are loving watching you blossom.

Today we began our day again with Toddler 2, this is an important aspect of the toddlers day as it fosters new friendships, different conversations and new knowledge from each other.

We have turned our taps back on outside now that it’s becoming warmer during the day ad the children are absolutely loving it. We have been discussing that water is very important and we shouldn’t waste it by leaving the taps on, so they have been being reminded to only turn them on when they want to fill up buckets or cups and turn it off when they are done. They are doing really well with understanding this and I often see them walk away and quickly realise and run back to turn it off! We are noticing such a difference with this in comparison to the beginning of the year, it’s so nice to see them growing and learning. Poppy, Colton, Ivy, Harry and Saiya really enjoyed the water play, Saiya especially enjoyed turning the taps on and off and watching the water fill up her bucket.

Poppy: “I can see the sky” “look, lots of clouds up there”

Colton – “can you help me on the swing” “more water for the grass” “grass and yucky water”

Saiya – “I got a bucket of water”

Ivy – “I’m cleaning, look it’s wet!”

Harry – “I’m washing the dinosaurs because they’re dirty”

Today at group the children chose our book over from book corner. Ivy chose “Good morning Miffy” and we all sat and sung our usual good morning songs and acknowledgement to country. We had a discussion about the sun, moon, stars and clouds today and asked the children what they thought the weather was like today.

Ryan – “I see the sun”

Banjo – “clouds”

Isabelle – sun!

Elijah – “look!”

Finley – “it’s hot”

Following on from our group-time we did some collaging today as our activity, using contact and small pieces of coloured plastic cellophane to create a beautiful sun for our window. The children are also still really enjoying the tent and running in and out and jumping on the pillows! They are loving the imginary play too, cooking and creating meals on our fire with the pans and teapot. At our afternoon tea time we are going to celebrate Isabelle’s birthday with the special cookies she brought in for us all to enjoy, thanks Isabelle!

We hope you’ve had a great day!

Lots of love, Miss Danna, Miss Steph and Miss Gabi xxx