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Happy Wednesday Toddler One Families and Friends.

Today we took advantage of the beautiful sunshine. After our acknowledgment to country and our morning tea, we gathered our hats, put on our sunscreen and ventured outdoors for our morning activities. Bjorn and Colton enjoyed the experience of taking care of the plants in our garden by filling the watering cans and  watering them. Other friends chose to practice their motor skills as they kicked the balls around the yard or played a game of catch with Miss Bec. Harry decided he was off on an adventure in the big car, and when Miss Lyn asked where he was going, he said “To shops for lunch”. Our indoor activities  today were  – Construction with the leggo blocks – Role play with the police station and firehouse – Singing our favourite songs, at the moment we really like “My Daddy Ate An Apple” and we are practising singing it with Miss Leesa and Miss Lyn,  without looking at our book. We also continue to focus on our self help skills, as we wash our hands before and after meals & scrape our plates after we have finished eating.

See you all tomorrow. Love from Miss Leesa, Miss Lyn & Miss Bec. xxx