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Happy Wednesday families and friends.

Continuing on with our under the sea theme, today the children had the opportunity to engage in collage, using their imagination and thinking skill as they chose where they would like to place their pieces of felt and foil to decorate fish, turtles and seahorses, to start our window display. Yarn time saw Miss Leesa read a book called “Mermaid” all about a little girl who was scared of the ocean until she met a mermaid. We continue to practice our self help skills, as we pack away our drink bottles after meals.  Other activities enjoyed by the children today were – our transition songs and nursery rhymes, building with the town centre construction set, building towers with the wooden blocks, the jigsaw shapes puzzle, dress ups in home corner, quietly reading books, while enjoying a moment of solitude, construction with the train set and felt puppets. Little Big Sports was also lots of fun as we practiced our motors skills as we kicked our soccer balls through obstacle courses. We have had a lovely day, and hope to see you all again tomorrow.

Love from Miss Leesa, Miss Lyn & Miss Thais. xxx