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Happy Wednesday from Toddler One.

This morning in the Toddler room we continued on with our ‘Jungle Theme’ as the children were given the opportunity to create birds, hippos and butterflies using their handprints. We also shared ‘My Daddy ate an Apple’ story book with the CD as the children helped sing along about the daddy zebra getting sick and having to visit the hospital. Yarn time we shared a song about a ‘Little Crocodile’ that swam down the ‘River Nile’ as we utilised the crocodile hand puppet to sing.  The children were also given the opportunity to create  hippos using the playdough and the hippo figurine as inspiration.

The Toddler friends then transitioned outdoors for a play in the great outdoors. The children engaged in water play and helped water the garden using the watering cans, practised their pedalling skills on the 3-wheeler bikes and engaged in sand and digger play. What a super fun day at kindy today!

Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa, Miss Lyn and Miss Thais