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Good afternoon Toddler One Families!

After our friends arrived this morning we all placed our hats, sunscreen and shoes on so we could go for a play in the babies yard. Some of the activities we enjoyed were running races, taking turns on the see saw with our Toddler Two friends and building castles in the sand. Watching the work taking place in our new yard was also popular with the boys. We then transitioned back inside for morning tea, and to start our day. After morning tea some of us chose to do some Christmas collage with Miss Lyn, where we made two different types of snowflakes to decorate our windows, we will continue our collage tomorrow. Other activities we enjoyed included – building with the alphabet blocks on the mat, role play in home corner, cooking for the babies, nursey rhymes and songs. After yarn time, where Miss Lyn read The Very Noisy Bear to us, we had the opportunity to play a game called Sounds On The Farm, where we had to listen to farm sounds and match them to our bingo cards using counters. The children showed great listening skills as they looked to see if the sounds matched an animal on their cards. What a fun game! See you all tomorrow.

Love from Miss Leesa and Miss Lyn.