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Today we used coloured pasta as a tool for practicing cutting skills and fine motor development. The children really enjoyed this, and are becoming very good at their cutting technique and holding the scissors with their dominant hand and using the other to hold the pasta.

Group time
Today we did group time a little bit different because we had an outdoors day today. So we went straight to having a picnic for morning tea and then set up the activities for the day by separating into small groups.
When asked what they would like to do today, the children excitedly said painting! So we got ready some paints, paintbrushes and put on our aprons and sat down ready to be little Picassos. Imaginative creativity is so important for little minds to develop their sense of wellbeing. The children worked together to create beautiful artwork, sharing paints, paintbrushes and even helping each other with their paintings. “Here I help you” said Ryan. “It’s a spider!” said Chanel.

Self serving their food at mealtimes has been an ongoing goal for the toddler 1 room as they are working toward becoming more independent. The added independence at meal times has been encouraging the children to also eat more of the food as they are choosing it themselves. This is a great opportunity for them to engage in conversation with their peers, talk about the foods they are eating and manage their own feelings of being full or hungry.
Group time
Today we read the book “spot a lot: vehicle adventure” This book is a great one for conversational reading as it asks the reader to count and find how many trucks/cars/planes there are on the page. This conversational reading method encourages reading for meaning, promotes thinking, reflection and self discovery and most importantly helps build language, comprehension and the ability to focus on one thing.