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What a busy day we all had today in the Toddler Room! The wind was a bit too cold to go outside at our normal time of the morning, so instead we stayed inside for a and played with the dolls house and train tracks some more. We went outside later and the children enjoyed the shells in the sandpit, Home Corner and using the steel framed car as a prop for their role playing adventures.

Once we transitioned inside and after morning tea, Miss Gabby arrived for our weekly yoga session. The children popped bubbles, stretched and then drove the bus while going on an adventure! After our yoga session, Miss Leesa brought out the Lego for the children. They swarmed the bowl and soon the children were busy building houses, cars and rocket ships. While at the table, Miss Jess had some painting out for the children to express their creativity.

During our Yarn Time, Miss Leesa read The Gruffalo and sang some songs that the children chose. It was then time for our yummy lunch of chicken lasagna and salad.

Love Miss Leesa & Miss Jess