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Spectacular Friday

Hello and welcome to our day here in the Toddler Two room, wow what an adventurous day it had been, and I look forward to you all reading about it.

The morning started outside in the fresh air and the feel of warm sun. The children were intrigued by Ruby’s bubbles that she had bought in, so Miss Jess and Miss Jordan got out more bubbles, it was a bubble party and they LOVED it and having a go too at blowing their own bubbles. They then gravitated to their selected areas to play in such as, sandpit, swinging through the breeze on the swing, climbing up and down the obstacle course and through the playground.

We then headed to the veranda where we all came together before moving inside for a group time. In group time today Miss Jess put two books in the air one being ‘’My Dinosaur Dad’’ and the second ‘’Dinosaur shapes’’ before Miss Jess asked, ‘What book should we read’’? They were all for the ‘’Dinosaur shape book. As we read this book, Miss Jess asked throughout ‘’What colour is this dinosaur?’’ and spoke about the different shapes they could see. We then sang ‘’Bee, bee bumble bee’’ to transition to washing hands for a tasty morning tea before we had FUNKY FEET with Miss Jenny.

In dance today they did LIMBO they were able to challenge themselves with how low they could get before they touched the soft limbo stick, they all did amazing and did well with following the arrows and dots into which way to move around! They also played a game of freeze to finish dance with before they received their sticker.

We all then gathered around the tables outside as Miss Hope had set up another fun recuse the dinosaur activity, this time the goop mould was different colours. They ALL thoroughly enjoyed this activity. Miss Jess began asking the children what colours theirs were. Cameron said ‘’blue’’ Noa said ‘’yellow’’ and Mia said ‘’Green’’. The children were able to leave this table when they wanted to and freely explore their outdoor environment before we all came inside for lunch and a lovely rest for this afternoon’s journey.

Thank you all for today and what has been a wonderful week♥

Have a safe and lovely weekend,

See you all next week.

Miss Jess, Miss Hope and Miss Sue xx