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Happy Tuesday♥

Welcome Families of the Toddler Two cherubs. What an amazing day it has been and I look forward to you all reading about it.

The children started their beautiful morning off inside, Charlie, Noah, Max and Jackson were having a lovely time exploring throughout the room. They particularly enjoyed home corner as they cut the fruits and vegetable before saying ”Here Miss Jess” as they handed some food to ”try”. As more of our friends arrived we then headed outside with our friends and teachers. The children enjoyed a variety of experiences such as the following;

  • Swinging through the breeze on the swing with their friends
  • Balancing on the balance bikes as they zoom around the bike track
  • Making awesome sandcastles, as well as transporting the sand to the wheelbarrow and buckets in the sandpit, using great hand and eye coordination.
  • Climbing through the playground structure

We then gathered together on the veranda to sing a song which was requested by Noa ”Wheels on the bus” Afterwards we sung the transition song to washing hands as we came inside to sit on the mat with all our friends. Miss Jess then had a book to read to her friends called ”Be Happy” this book was a nice book to read as we spoke about how we can be kind and that being kind is GREAT!!! When we had finished the book we spoke about feelings and  how our friends may feel if we are not kind….All children were engaged in this conversation which was so nice.

For morning tea, the children were able to self serve themselves as they were able to enjoy a delicious  Apple, Chai and Date Pancakes! When they had finished Miss Hope had set up two activities one being a fun set up of all our big blocks made into a fun car track and for the second activity we rolled up lots of yellow and red clay balls to represent as rocks and placed them into our dump trucks to then move from one side of the table to the other. The children were able to freely explore this activity if they wanted to as well as the option to explore self selected activities throughout the room. The popular areas were role playing in home corner, popping the balls down the pipes and waiting for it to fall down the bottom before doing it again.

What a FUN morning it has been, we then helped to tidy the room before we headed outside to seek more adventure! For lunch today the children had a scrumptious  Supercharged Spaghetti Bolognase! They are All doing amazing at meal times♥ It was then time to reenergise their bodies before a joyful afternoon.

Thank you all for today♥

See you all soon,

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx