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Happy Friday

Welcome all to our fabulous Friday in the Toddler Two room, it was a lovely day with your smiley cherubs♥

We begun the morning outside with all our friends. They enjoyed running around the playground in the warm sun, dancing with exceptional groovy moves to Disney playlist as well as exploring the sandpit, climbing through the fort before sliding down the slide.  Miss Lea came to do a VERY special show today! As today is International Tree Day Miss Lea spoke to the children about how trees are important to us and what they provide for us is important too. The children were able to to stand tall like a tree and swaying their arms in the air. Before we were able to walk outside to move the tree from one pot to our very own. Miss Lea had a little friend to show us which was a Titian Stick  insect! WOW the children were absolutely amazed with what they saw!

It is lovely to see our friends so engaged in this special activity they participated in today, they will be able to water the plant themselves too which will be so great for them. It was then time to come inside to join everyone on the mat. In group time today Miss Jess started off with copy me actions to get all children engaged before we read a book called ”Pirates in Pyjamas” When we had finished reading the book we transitioned to washing hands before scrumptious morning tea which was Amazing Chickpea, Sweet Potato and Tahini Muffins with Seasonal Fruit.

The children packed away their plates and drink bottles before moving to the door as we are going outside again to do two fun activities. The first activity they were able to freely draw on the paper that was wrapped around the trees with Miss Jess. The second activity was with Miss Hope where they were able to make their own trees by using small green cupcake holders and green pipe cleaners. What FUN we have all had this morning. They then freely flowed to explore around the outdoor environment before lunch.

For Lunch today they enjoyed a Mexican Fajita’s!!! When they had finished filling their tummies up they headed for their beds for a reenergised rest for this afternoons journey.

Thank You all for this week,

Have a wonderful weekend, stay safe and see you all next week ♥

Miss Jess, Miss Hope and Miss Lyn xx