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Happy Friday♥

Good afternoon families and welcome to our glorious Friday, keep reading on to hear about your cherubs day here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre in Toddlers Two.

This morning the children were able to explore their outdoor environment as they eagerly ran outside to navigate freely around the playground with Toddlers One. Max and Noah used the bucket and shovels to shovel in the bark to fill up the bucket as a team. Noah then found a bucket for himself and continued filling it up with bark. Cameron and Edward soon came over to see what their friends were doing. Cameron then started to drive the digger around in the bark before Edward came down to help Cameron fill the trucks up. Cameron said ”Big Digger” In an excited voice as he grabbed the large dump truck!! What an amazing experience and great team working skills they were sharing this morning. Here are a few other favourite activities that were enjoyed outside.

  • Swinging through the breeze on the swing
  • Sliding down the slide with glee
  • Playing a catch game with Miss Jess, enhancing on their hand and eye coordination.

We then came inside for a group time with Miss Jess and Miss Hope. In group time today we sang a couple of songs on the children’s request such as ”Tiny turtle”, ”Incy Wincy” and ”Open shut them” They were all so engaged the whole time and did a great job at not only singing the words but doing the actions too. We then sung the transition song to wash our hands ready for delicious morning tea which was Mango Tango Coconut Granola Cups. Afterwards the children packed away before heading outside where they met with Miss Jenny in the big open yard! Toddler One also joined in!!! In dance today we stomped like elephants, snapped like crocodile, stood tall like a giraffe and more! The children were also able to shake the poms poms around in the air and dance away. What a great way to end our morning thank you Miss Jenny and see you next week. ♥

Before we headed back inside the children were able to explore the two playgrounds and have a choice of what yard to go in. They LOVED adventuring through both playgrounds before it was time to come inside for a tasty lunch – Nourishing Italian Mushrooms, Ricotta Spinach Lasagne. When their tummies were nice and content they packed away and walked over to their beds to have a restful and reenergising rest for this afternoons journey ahead.

We said our farewell to Leiana as today is her last day as she is travelling a new journey. We wish Leiana all the very best and we are thankful for her to have been apart of our lives and developed such lovely friendships and to be able to watch Leiana grow♥

Thank you all for a great week♥

We wish you all a safe and lovely weekend,

Miss Jess, Miss Hope and Miss Gabi xx