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Hello families and friends and welcome to our day here in the Toddler Two room ♥

Today we welcomed in our team Jackson B, Indi, Thomas, Mathias, Cameron, Edward, Noah, Finley, Leiana, Tai, Kynell, Max, Spencer and Noa.

What a super fabulous day of fun play around here today! This morning the children were excited to explore the room and engage in a variety of fun play experiences.

Indoor experiences we engaged in today include:

* Prating fine motor skills playing with magnetics fishing set – Our friends took turn and sharing the toy.
* Construction play – Building train tracks and connection it in the car set.
* Role-playing in-home corner was popular around here today- Miss Jess and Miss Hope made a little Fort using blanket for the children play inside. They love it 🙂
* Sharing story books and singing song in the group mat.
* Playdough table- Squishing, rolling, sculpting and molding. We spent time engaging the children in the sensory activity of playdough – They create some snakes, bolls and flowers.
* Practicing our dance movements in our favorite songs as sleep little bunnies, friz song and much more in the dance class with Happy Funky Feet.

As soon as the sun was up and started shining, it was time to start our adventure across the playground area.
Outdoor experiences we engaged in today include:

* Riding bike around the yard.
* Horses – The next-door horses came close to the fence in this morning to say “Hello” to our friends also we fed the animals with carrots. The children are loving the connection with the horses was so cute to see our little friends holding carrots, offering the carrots to the animal and pretend the horses was eating. ** For the children safety just the educator fed the animal. **

In our group time today everybody sat down in the group mat for listening to the book “Brush, Brush, Brush”, extending in the learning opportunity after the dental show that happens yesterday. Is so nice to remember the importance of healthy habits to our little ones Then Miss Gabi read one more book called “when I`m feeling happy” – a cute book that talks about the so many things can make us happy. Our littler friends have been with an amazing behaviour in our group moments. 🙂
In our group learning experience today we continue in our last day of Chinese’s New Year celebration. Today the children had an opportunity to engage in a fantastic sensory play that Miss Nadds organize for us. In a tray we had picture of fortunes cookies hided by yellow paper – the children were invite to dig their hands on the paper, found the cookie and then “feed the ox”. They had so much fun looking for the cookies in the tray. 🙂

Now we are having a lovely rest time in our beds listening to soft music and relaxing by charging our energy for another big adventure in this afternoon! ♥

check out the photos!

with love
Miss Gabi, Miss Hope and Miss Jess