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Good afternoon Families and Friends!!! Today we welcome our friends Charlotte, Latika, Kezia, Lachlan B, Quinn, Alexia, Luca and Dominic with Miss Thais.

We started our day playing with our friends from Toddlers One. After morning tea Miss Jen came out for us to do dance class, the children danced “Three Little Monkey Jumping on the Bed” and “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”. Was really nice to see all of them very engaged today during dace activity!

Later in the morning Miss Thais set up an art activity with some feathers and glue for them to stick to the paper and practice their motor skills. They loved feeling the feathers on their hands as they glued to the paper.

Other activities we enjoyed today were Reading books, home corner, singing songs, play and building with blocks.

Have a good weekend!!!

Miss Thais