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Hello families and friends!!! Happy Friday!

Today we welcome our friends Charlotte, Hendrix, Luca, Latika, Lachlan B, Quinn and Dominic.

We started our day in Toddlers 2 singing 5 little ducks, the children were really engaged in the song and they all had a turn at holding onto a duckling puppet on their finger. The children suggested Baby Shark and 5 Little Fingers and then we sang and danced!

Later in morning Miss Thais set up the table with some animals and played the “Animal Tape Rescue”. The goal was to remove all the animals and the tape, and getting the tape off their fingers.The children practised their hand/ eye coordination, find motor skills and also vocabulary. It was really cool and funny!!!

After lunch we joined our friends at Toddlers 1 for rest time

Have a lovely weekend!!!

Miss Thais and Miss Nicky